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Intercultural Business Skills Training

Final Output: Responsive e-Learning Program in SCORM format.

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, e-Learning Development.

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise 360, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Express, Camtasia, Synthesia.

Client: CrossCulture Academy, specializing in professional intercultural trainings.

Industry: Corporate Training and Development.

Year: 2023.

Target Audience: Multinational companies' departments and teams engaged in regular international business assignments online and offline (in the target countries).

Client's Need: The client required updates to their outdated digital learning content and technology, as well as upgraded user completion tracking. The existing digital learning experience was too academic, resulting in passive user participation and limited knowledge application in real-life business situations. Additionally, the production time for e-Learning content was lengthy and inefficient, leading to high costs associated with voice-over artists, actors, speakers, and shooting days.

Client's Expectations: The client wanted to reduce the cost and time of content and media production, modernize the existing e-Learning technology and content. Moreover, to create a fully responsive e-Learning program with modern UX and UI, and utilize AI tools to enhance efficiency and user engagement while reducing costs.

Results: We redefined the entire learning journey of the existing e-Learning programs, applying modern instructional design methods. The content was redesigned and divided into manageable sections, facilitating easier content consumption, providing more frequent feedback, and increasing user engagement. This approach encouraged faster progress, module completion, and offered learners a comprehensive overview throughout their learning journey. The divided SCORMs also enhanced the user experience in the LMS, leading to improved learning retention. With responsive design, the program became accessible to frequent travelers who needed to learn on tablets and/or mobile devices. We replaced outdated videos with AI-generated avatars, enabling us to create content 7-8 times faster than traditional studio procedure, with high-quality audio and visual output thanks to AI features. By combining AI tools with our expertise in other areas of development, we achieved a minimum of 60% cost savings compared to previous methods.



Our client, CrossCulture Academy, is a training and coaching company with over 15 years of experience in providing intercultural business training to corporate professionals. They have a well-established presence in this niche market, having worked with renowned brands such as Allianz, BOSCH and IHK. Initially relying on face-to-face trainings conducted by their network of 300+ country-specific trainers worldwide, they recognized the need for blended learning as technology advanced. However, their early attempts at digital learning were not cost-effective and quickly became outdated. They approached us to modernize their digital learning programs, aiming to significantly reduce costs, enhance user-friendliness and overall learning experience.


We started the project with a thorough needs analysis, aiming to understand the client's problem-solving approach and value creation process. Through open discussions, we identified the target audience personas and strategically planned the storyboard based on this segmentation. Regardless of the client's immediate needs, we always prioritize the needs analysis, typically involving a 1-1.5 hour intensive online discussion.

Following the analysis phase, we identified and listed the specific pain points and real-life business scenarios faced by end customers. Within these scenarios, we pinpointed the required competencies and skills to successfully navigate intercultural business communication gaps. This formed the basis for updating the existing content, refining the learning objectives, and structuring the program into balanced sections, leading to the creation of the storyboard. As there are over 140 target countries, we collaborated closely with the client to select the most relevant ones. This project example focuses on the e-Learning program for Japan.

Once the storyboard received client approval, we proceeded with media production and course development. Our review process allows for a smooth and efficient 10-working-day window after delivery. After the review, we generated SCORM files ready for integration into the client's LMS. Client was very satisfied with the results.

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